Maine At Work

Spent an incredible week mentoring under the guidance of Neal Parent, a much loved and talented photography instructor of Belfast, Maine. I can't thank Neal and the people of Maine enough - your generosity is incredible! Until next time....

Neal Parent Photography



Royale Equestrian Centre - Ottawa

Just the other day, we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the owner, Emily and her riders/instructors. Their commitment to make everyone feel welcomed and part of the family is incredible.

In addition to the Centre offering a variety of programs for all ages. Emily also offers programs to those with Therapeutic needs.



Project 168

A.P.P.L.E. (A Post Psychiatric Leisure Experience) is Ottawa's oldest consumer-survivor initiative; supporting those who have experienced mental health challenges. In early 2017, A.P.P.L.E. added a therapeutic photography class to their mix of activities. Listening to their stories was the inspiration behind the creation of Project 168. The project gives the participants to take home a home for one week to capture their daily lives through the eye of the lens. For more information on this project please contact us.

Respecting the Paper Map

Unplugging from technology and brining back a new found love for paper maps....